Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been MIA for 2 weeks, from this blog, from the gym, from normal life.... Having my mom here has been great, but I find myself wanting to do more fun things as opposed to working out. Which really, has been the problem all along. I don't find working out fun. I don't see it the same way I see going to a movie, or shopping for shoes. I can do it, and i'm not even miserable when I'm doing it, but I'm also not motivated to make the effort to go.

I did take my mom to the gym once while she was here. She actually worked out for a whole hour! I was so proud of her. My mom has a history of back problems, so she really surprised herself. She surprised me too. She was really looking forward to going back to the gym while she was here, but with all the other things we had planned, we didn't make it back to the gym. Sorry, mom.... :(

I gained 2.8 pounds while my mom was here. We did eat some good food. Overall though, I'm not disappointed about the gain. It's not huge, and it was worth it to be able to spend that time with my mom.

This week is the FINAL week of my class. I will finally have TIME officially FREED UP to do more. So I guess that means I can't use time as an excuse anymore to not work out. Oh, and good new/bad news: my foster dog Kester got adopted last Sunday. It was bittersweet. I did not want her to go. After 6 months of caring for her and teaching her and loving her, I really wanted to keep her. She would look at me with her ears sticking out like she had a question mark on her face, asking "Mom? What are you doing mom? Is that for me, mom? Where are we going, mom?" I really fell into the roll of MOM. And then she was gone. I've thought about her everyday since she left. I've cried. I've worried. And I've since found out that she is doing okay. She's actually doing better than okay. And in some ways, that's great. In other ways, it hurts. It's like I want her to need me still. I want her to miss me and remember me as much as I miss and remember her. I love her. It's ironic. When Kester moved into this home 6 months ago, she had really bad separation anxiety. Now that she is gone, I have really bad separation anxiety.
I miss you, Kester.

Week 8
Weight: 250
Pounds gained: 2.8
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 100

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  1. I know it hurts to have Kester gone... Like any good mom, you'll find a way to give him wings so he can fly. :) Good luck on getting back into the gym! I'll be right there with you with my own work out regime. :)