Monday, February 9, 2009

Return of the Living Dead

Finally I feel normal. It took more than a few days to get over the bug. The downfall when I am sick, aside from actually being sick, is that in the recovery, only a few things sound appetizing. So I ate what I wanted in order to feel better in the recovery, and I gained about 2 pounds doing it. So I'm back up a bit. I do have more time over the next 2 weeks to work out, which should hopefully help.

My mom is coming out to visit at the end of February. The bad news about that is we spend a lot of time eating out. Hopefully, I can make some healthy choices while she is here. And if they can't be healthy, the least I can do is have smaller portions. Although I guess I should be doing that regardless.

I worked out on Saturday, and after my workout (which I can still feel in my legs) I spent some quality time in the locker room. It's been cold and rainy going on 2 weeks now, so I took a nice dip in the hot tub. It got really nice and warm in there, and eventually I got out and laid on a lounge chair. Before I knew what happened, I had fallen asleep. When I woke up, not that much time had passed, but it was enough time that the gym was almost closed, and I still had to shower. I ended up having to dry my hair across from this Kim Kardashian wannabe (why anyone would wanna be her is beyond my comprehension). Next time I need to make sure I only fall asleep on a massage table.

Week 5
Weight: 252
Pounds gained: 2.4
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 102

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