Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Success!

I had to wake up early this morning to go to a class where I would be for the majority of the day. In fact, if you really want to know, I was there all day yesterday too. It was my last weekend intensive. Anyway, it's been a full week since I started my blog, so I got on the scale this morning and behold: 253.6 pounds! A whole 3.4 pounds lost. And that's without much workouts (okay, so I didn't go to the gym Thursday or Friday like I had planned to, but I did pay attention to what I ate). This coming week I won't get to work out much either, as I have lots of volunteering going on. But it's good to know that I can watch what I'm eating and it helps. I tend to lose the most when I watch my carb intake, but the last time I did that I didn't lose a pound, so I wasn't counting on that anymore. Now, it feels like it's working again. My carb intake is low, my salad intake is high, my water intake is phenomenal.... proteins are good, small amounts of fibers are good.

In 7 weeks the class that I've been in for 6 months will come to an end. When it's over, it's gym time all the time I'm not working. The class commitments are the biggest obstacle I've had in dealing with getting to the gym. Part of the curriculum of the class involves assisting at their other classes - helping people register, setting up classrooms, working the phones, etc. There are some weeks where I am there 4 nights out of 5. So last week, when I had 3 nights off, I didn't feel motivated to go to the gym because I just wanted to be home with my dogs. When I was in my 20s, I was all about going out and partying. I would get drunk so I wouldn't be self conscious about how I looked or if people thought I was fat. But now, I have zero desire to be drunk. All I want is quiet time at home alone, with my doggers. It's hard for me to leave them to go anywhere.

This week I bought a new pair of shoes. Black of course - great to wear with a pants suit. They are a little tall, but I almost wore them today to class. But I couldn't do it. I don't have a complex about being tall. And I don't have a complex about being tall and still wearing heels. But I do have a complex about looking like a plump, ripe tomato in heels. So instead I opted to wear an old pair of ballet flats today. I will be saving my new shoes for the right occassion.

I also gave a dress to my neighbor downstairs. It was a beautiful Betsey Johnson spaghetti strap dress that I found on sale a few years ago at the Neiman Marcus outlet store on the way home from Vegas. It was long and flowy and a size 10. But in Betsey Johnson I think a size 10 is more like a regular person's size 6. It just looks small, and I think the only reason I bought it was because it was on sale for $89. I'm not sure what I thought I was going to do with it. I think I fantasized wearing it one day. But it's been a few years, and I'm not even close. My neighbor, on the other hand, is tall and thin and young. She will have many occassions to wear the beautiful dress. So reluctantly, I let it go. I suppose I could have saved it to see if I would succeed in wearing it after I lose the pounds that I intend on losing. But I think that dress has waited long enough for a life. I wish my neighbor many magical nights in it!

Week 2:
Weight: 253.6
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 103.6

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  1. I have a problem with holding on to fantasy dresses too. Except mine is only a Jonathan Martin I purchased when I was 19. I did fit into it back when I was trying to lose weight the first time around. Now it's back to square one. I no longer shop because the last time around I was practically in tears. I felt disgusting and discouraged to even get ready to go out. I have never been a heel type of girl, my cover up, make me feel better is my makeup applications. I depend on my face to get me by and through the day. Sometimes I even pretend like I'm my perfect weight with the way I walk and stand and sit, etc. LOL. I let my old self motivate me.