Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fast Food Traps

So I've been assisting off and on during the week nights at this educational facility where I take classes at. And when I assist, I'm usually there from about 6pm to 11ish. So last night I didn't get home until 11:30pm, and then I took my sitter home, and the whole time I don't get to eat dinner. So by this point I am tired, hungry, and still on the road. Of course, fast food seems like the easiest solution. Well, that's because it is...

So the minor setback of the first 3 days is that I had Taco Bell. What's worse is that it was at 12:30am. The deviants: A soft taco and a chicken quesadilla. I forget what number it is on their menu of slow death. But it got me to thinking... is this my only option when it comes to those situations? When it's so late I can barely keep my eyes open, and I'm so hungry I've passed the point of falling asleep on an empty stomach. I don't have readily healthy snacks at home and besides, I don't want a snack. I want a meal.

After checking, I weighed the results of my setback. One chicken quesadilla is 520 calories and 40g of carbs. I don't even try to eat 40 carbs in a whole day, much less one food item. The soft taco has 260 calories and 20g of carbs. So my late night dinner earned me 780 calories and 60g of carbs.... let's not even think about the mega huge Sierra Mist they served me. ARGGHHHH! Why does fast food have to consist of so many calories and carbs? This requires extra gym time this week.

Speaking of the gym, I went on Monday night and I burned about 770 calories after one hour on the Arc Trainer. It's like an elliptical machine. Just a little different. Iwill be hitting it again tomorrow and Friday. I've decided that as long as I have the free time, I need to go work out. If there are no classes or other after work committments, the gym has to be my new best friend. The good thing about the gym is that I'm a TV addict, and all the cardio machines have individual TVs attached to them, so I could watch a whole episode of Law and Order: SVU while on the treadmill, or a football game on the Arc Trainer. It keeps me working out longer, cause I won't quit my workout in the middle of an episode. I want to see how it ends. So the gym's got that in its favor. But this is an extra hour's workout added to my already existing workout.... a good example of why I should always say NO to the temptations lurking around every stop light.

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