Sunday, April 26, 2009


I wasn't initially going to write a blog today, since my last blog was only a few days ago, but this morning I happened to step on the scale and I had lost 2 more pounds, which technically means I lost those 2 pounds in less than a week since my last weight check/blog was on Wednesday! So I felt good and decided I might as well chronical it in the blog. Woo hoo! Go me!

It's funny, I didn't think the last few days would result in a loss. I'm kind of ashamed to say that, but the truth is, since my last blog, I started off well but didn't end the way I thought I would. I was really good with balance and choosing healthy items to eat, but over the weekend I kind of wasn't so careful. It wasn't necessarily that I ate anything bad. It was more like I stopped paying attention. Some things I ate were good (an eggs & bacon breakfast, small amount of granola as a snack, salad, small portion of steak with small portion of pasta) and some of the things I ate were bad (pepperoni pizza, candy). I was really craving chocolate, especially the last 2 days. I ended up with a small cafe mocha, a brownie, and Whoppers over the 2 days. I'm not really sure where the craving came from, cause I'm not due for my period or anything. But I indulged my craving nonetheless and thought my week was ruined. So I'm really happy that I still lost 2 pounds.

What I got from all that is that CHOICE is a powerful thing. Even though I have helpful tools at my disposal, I have to choose to use them. That's why they are there. To help me. To remind me. To support me. It is a valuable lesson. I don't feel bad for the choices I made this week, but to be honest, if the scale had gone the other direction, I probably would be beating myself up right now instead of being okay with it. And I don't want to be beating myself up. It's not healthy, and the whole point of all of this is to be healthy (not just to lose weight). Health encompasses everything.

I still have my foster dog, Britta. She tested positive for tick disease, which I have been treating. She requires 2 shots 2 weeks apart, and the shots make her vomit. But after her shots, she will be free of the disease, so it's worth it. I just feel bad that it makes her sick. Next week I will be taking her to get spayed. She will throw up a little after that too, from the anesthesia. Poor girl. I hope she gets adopted soon, because I am really in love with her. I might fail fostering this time around.

This week I am going to make an attempt to go to the gym every single day. I've been looking for a new job, and I've sent in a few applications/resumes, but only for jobs that I'd really want. I figure, if I am going to give up my unemployment benefits, it should be for a job I really want. So with all this free time, I am going to challenge myself to take advantage of it. I don't think I have ever gone for a solid week. So I'm gonna give it a try. Should make next week's loss even greater than this week's!

I'm going to start listing the total weight I've lost since starting this blog at the end with my other statistics. I think it will be good to see the total progression of weight loss, not just the weekly progression. So, on that note....

Week: 16
Weight: 242.0
Weekly pounds lost: 2.0
Total pounds lost: 15.0
Size: 18
Goal: 150
Pounds to go: 92

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life After Pet Expo

I didn't post on Sunday because I was working the Orange County Pet Expo for the greyhound booth all weekend. The Pet Expo was located at the Orange County Fairgrounds, and it was much like a fair, but with pets instead of rides. So I spent 4 days surrounded by junk food. LOTS of junk food. Expensive junk food.

Last week I got sick after Easter weekend. Mostly it was a lot of congestion. I went thru 2 boxes of Kleenex in 2 days. As a result, I didn't work out, and it made the Pet Expo difficult, especially being surrounded by all that animal hair. So the combination of being sick and being surrounded by junk food made it almost impossible to be good. But the funny thing was, it almost made me a little sick to eat the processed fair food. Which I took as a good sign that I have been eating healthier things. The only thing that kept hitting the spot was the large lemonades from the Hot Dog on a Stick booth, and that was because it was so hot out there!

So now Pet Expo is over, and I am back home, still in the heat but with my own fridge, and my own food, and my own cooking options. My cold is slowly going away, and I'm not going thru the amount of Kleenex that I was last week. I even had milk yesterday with my granola. I didn't lose as much as I would have liked this week, but given the circumstances, I'm okay with that. I plan to hit the gym today tho, later when it cools down a bit outside.

Week: 15
Weight: 244.0
Pounds lost: 0.8
Size: 18
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 94

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Experimenting with Food

I have this friend of mine, who used to be a client. She doesn't live in LA, so when she comes out here to visit or work, she stays with me and will usually pay me a little money for her trip. She was out here this past week, and while I certainly appreciate the money, it was hectic with her here. Mostly, she was waiting on a paycheck, and she was broke until she received it. And she decided not to eat anything, because she had no money, although she did have some things taking up space in my pantry. She would continuously ask to eat things that I've put a lot of though into buying, so that I would be eating healthy. And usually, the healthier you try to eat, the more expensive the food is. I suggested that she cook her spaghetti noodles that she purchased last year, but she decided not to eat at all because she had nothing to put on her noodles (sauce, cheese, etc.). I don't really understand this concept, because if I hadn't eaten for 2 days, I'd take plain noodles over starving. Fortunately though, I did not have to be faced with starving.

I had a healthy week. Probably could have used a few more vegetables, but overall I was creative and balanced. I had this package of fillet mignon steaks in the freezer. Small portions, probably about 6-8 ounces each. Normally I would cook both, but I only cooked one. I sliced it thin and cooked it in a white wine sauce mixed with Worcestershire sauce, and served it with sweet corn and biscuits. I only ate 1 biscuit, and a small portion of corn, and I sprinkled lite feta cheese on top of the steak. It came out really nice and flavorful. My dogs were very enthusiastic and gave me a non-opposable thumbs up for the aroma. I gave the other biscuits to my house guest, since she was starving, even though I'd have preferred her to eat her own food. But I figured it was a good way to prevent myself from going back and eating more biscuits. I'm going to experiment a little more each week and see what I come up with.

I also picked back up with reading Bethenny's book. I'm past the halfway mark, and I've completed reading about her 10 rules to thinking and eating like a thin person, and now I'm on the 2nd half, about how to implement the rules into daily life. She has some sample menus about how to balance everything on a daily basis. It's still really good and really helpful!

Today is Easter Sunday, and I made breakfast for Joe's daughter. I made pancakes, scrambled eggs, and I toasted the left over turkey cheddar chipotle panini that she didn't finish for dinner last night. She must've been really hungry because she ate it all. I ate my small test pancake and a left over half of the same turkey cheddar chipotle panini, with a glass of water instead of juice or milk. I also gave the dogs a pancake that I accidentally left on the griddle a little too long. Uma didn't know the difference - I guess when you are a dog, people food is a treat no matter what!

Week 14
Weight: 244.8
Pounds lost: 1.8
Size: 18
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 94.8