Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life After Pet Expo

I didn't post on Sunday because I was working the Orange County Pet Expo for the greyhound booth all weekend. The Pet Expo was located at the Orange County Fairgrounds, and it was much like a fair, but with pets instead of rides. So I spent 4 days surrounded by junk food. LOTS of junk food. Expensive junk food.

Last week I got sick after Easter weekend. Mostly it was a lot of congestion. I went thru 2 boxes of Kleenex in 2 days. As a result, I didn't work out, and it made the Pet Expo difficult, especially being surrounded by all that animal hair. So the combination of being sick and being surrounded by junk food made it almost impossible to be good. But the funny thing was, it almost made me a little sick to eat the processed fair food. Which I took as a good sign that I have been eating healthier things. The only thing that kept hitting the spot was the large lemonades from the Hot Dog on a Stick booth, and that was because it was so hot out there!

So now Pet Expo is over, and I am back home, still in the heat but with my own fridge, and my own food, and my own cooking options. My cold is slowly going away, and I'm not going thru the amount of Kleenex that I was last week. I even had milk yesterday with my granola. I didn't lose as much as I would have liked this week, but given the circumstances, I'm okay with that. I plan to hit the gym today tho, later when it cools down a bit outside.

Week: 15
Weight: 244.0
Pounds lost: 0.8
Size: 18
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 94

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