Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sick Again?!

Well, you might have noticed that after my promise to post my daily carb intake for 1 week, I failed to post beyond Day 1. Unfortunately, I got sick again... Last weekend Joe's daughter came over with a sore throat and cough, and I think that's where I got it. So I've been eating light, having some ramen noodles, saltines, and making some healthy meals at home. Needless to say ramen noodles and crackers are more carbs than I'd normally choose to have, but I haven't been eating much of them as I haven't had much of an appetite. Of course that also means I haven't been working out. My last day at the gym was Saturday, and I hope to be well enough to go back by this weekend. The good news is that my lack of appetite has helped me lose a few more pounds despite the carbs. My throat has been rather dry even though I have been drinks lots of water, which makes food undesirable no matter what I'm eating.

The only other good thing about this is that it gives me lots of time to sit at home, and I've been spending that time cruising the Food Network website for new recipes to try out. A friend of mine from the Greyhound rescue, Sharon, is always bringing new and interesting dishes to our board meetings, and she is going to share some recipes with me. Hopefully with all these recipes I am compiling, I should be able to cook healthy meals for myself all the time. I still wish I had a bigger kitchen though.

Week 28
Weight: 231.2
Weekly pounds lost: 2.8
Total pounds lost: 25.8
Size: loose 18/tight 16
Goal: 150
Pounds to go: 81.2

Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes, carbs and workouts

I'm a little behind posting for this week, but I've decided to try something new. I will actually be posting everyday for 1 week to record my carb intake.

So here I start:
2 low carb tortillas @ 8 carbs (net)
1 bag of Pirate's Booty puffed rice snack @19 carbs
1 small Ben & Jerry's ice cream @ 27 carbs
Total Carbs: 54

After a grueling week working out, I lost 1 pound. ONE POUND. I was a little depressed. I actually worked out to the point of soreness, which on me takes awhile to reach. And I reached it, so you can imagine my surprise that 1 pound was all I lost. So I hope that by watching my carb intake, I will change that for this week.

Another change in my life is that my friend and former coworker is moving in to my apartment. She broke up with her boyfriend (whom she was living with) and doesn't want to live with relatives for personal reasons, and since I am STILL unemployed, having her live here will help out financially. She has lost a lot of weight too! I think a lot of that is due to her job being very physical. She works at a doggy day care center and is always up playing with dogs. I'm really impressed and inspired by how great she looks. She also belongs to a gym, but she is going to come check out my gym with me for a week. I'm really looking forward to it!

I had my unemployment phone call today. Without going into crazy detail, I will resume collecting my unemployment, which couldn't happen sooner because the Department of Water and Power is threatening to cut off my electricity. I NEED THAT CHECK!

Week 27
Weight: 234.0
Weekly pounds lost: 1.0
Total pounds lost: 23.0
Size: loose 18/tight 16
Goal: 150
Pounds to go: 84.0

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Balancing Act

This week I was a little off balance with my menu. I had too many breads and meat and not enough veggies and salad. Normally I shy away from a lot of bread but it was just there, in front of me, and I didn't stick to the "taste" rule. I just ate. And ate. Surprisingly, the day I think I did the best was on the 4th of July, which surprised me. I had a little of everything and the ones I really liked, I indulged a little more in. But I stopped when the food stopped tasting as good as the first bite. In the end, I gained a little bit. Not much, but the wrong direction is the wrong direction.

I've started watching a new show on the Oxygen network called Dance Your Ass Off. You can almost hear the omitted "fat" missing from the title... It's a combination of all the dancing shows with The Biggest Loser. Contestants from different weight categories and health issues come and dance each week, and exercise and eat healthy during the week, and compete in a dance contest. Their weekly score is based on their execution of the dance moves with how much they've lost that week, and the person with the lowest score is eliminated. Overall it's entertaining, and I give each person props for going out and literally exposing their bodies on TV. The only problem I have is with the weekly elimination. Each person has their own struggles with weight. Tonight, the heaviest guy ended up with the lowest score, and he was so enthusiastic about being on this show, and he really could have used the opportunity to stay and continue. I don't feel that they should be eliminating people. I think they could wait until the last episode and see who has the highest overall score, and they could win something like a home gym or cash prize or something.
Underneath all that, it kind of makes me want to take a dance class. But I can't afford those extravagances right now. Job, money, then extras.

Unemployment sent me a letter to set up another phone interview for July 17th, so I don't get any unemployment checks until after that. Makes everything really tight. I think I'll get by okay but it isn't easy. If unemployment keeps doing this, I may have to settle for a lower paying job that I don't want just to guarantee getting a consistent check.

Went to the gym tonight. Had planned a nice long workout, but as soon as I got up to the cardio floor, my tummy turned into those knots you get when you have to go potty. I was so determined to work out that I ignored my tummy and hopped on the cardio machine - for an hour! Then I did another 10 minutes on the treadmill. I was watching that big interview that Michael Jackson had done a few years back - that really helped keep me on the machine and my mind off my tummy. I'm still broken up about his passing. And I'm even more bummed that I didn't get chosen in the lottery for his memorial service tomorrow. I noticed how many people were selling their tickets online for thousands of dollars, and how sad and greedy that is. Anyway, I digress. After the workout I showered and came home, and yes I needed to potty, but overall my day was a successful one. I had a small bowl of granola for breakfast, a nothing-fancy sandwich for lunch, and a salad for dinner. I had a light snack in between lunch and dinner, and I had lots of water throughout the day. So far this week is off to a much better start than last week!

Week 26
Weight: 235.0
Weekly pounds gained: 0.4
Total pounds lost: 22.0
Size: loose 18/tight 16
Goal: 150
Pounds to go: 85.0