Friday, July 17, 2009

Changes, carbs and workouts

I'm a little behind posting for this week, but I've decided to try something new. I will actually be posting everyday for 1 week to record my carb intake.

So here I start:
2 low carb tortillas @ 8 carbs (net)
1 bag of Pirate's Booty puffed rice snack @19 carbs
1 small Ben & Jerry's ice cream @ 27 carbs
Total Carbs: 54

After a grueling week working out, I lost 1 pound. ONE POUND. I was a little depressed. I actually worked out to the point of soreness, which on me takes awhile to reach. And I reached it, so you can imagine my surprise that 1 pound was all I lost. So I hope that by watching my carb intake, I will change that for this week.

Another change in my life is that my friend and former coworker is moving in to my apartment. She broke up with her boyfriend (whom she was living with) and doesn't want to live with relatives for personal reasons, and since I am STILL unemployed, having her live here will help out financially. She has lost a lot of weight too! I think a lot of that is due to her job being very physical. She works at a doggy day care center and is always up playing with dogs. I'm really impressed and inspired by how great she looks. She also belongs to a gym, but she is going to come check out my gym with me for a week. I'm really looking forward to it!

I had my unemployment phone call today. Without going into crazy detail, I will resume collecting my unemployment, which couldn't happen sooner because the Department of Water and Power is threatening to cut off my electricity. I NEED THAT CHECK!

Week 27
Weight: 234.0
Weekly pounds lost: 1.0
Total pounds lost: 23.0
Size: loose 18/tight 16
Goal: 150
Pounds to go: 84.0

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