Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Very Good Week (weight-wise)

This week was rather stressful at work. I run a small business for a woman who is very active, both in the business and outside of it. I'm not sure what has been going on lately but in the last 2 weeks she has become increasingly difficult. Needless to say, I have been looking forward to any time I spend that's NOT at work. I've gone to the gym a little more, although still not as often as I should. I could give a number of excuses, but really, they are just excuses. I won't explain how drivers in Los Angeles freeze up like nervous hostages at the first sign of rain. I won't explain how the look on my dogs' faces when I come home from work make it hard for me to walk out the door again. I will say that I've been varying my cardio a little bit when I am at the gym, and I can feel the difference. I found a stationary bike that makes me sweat like a pig in heat, and my calves have tightened from the treadmill. In fact, I think I need to take a stretching class. I guess that would be called yoga. I used to be pretty flexible, but that has slowly changed and now I feel like a 60 year old with osteoporosis. In fact, one of the benefits of me losing weight is to alleviate some of the lower back pain I've been having as a result of being fat. It's something that I've been quiet about, although not for any particular reason. Maybe it would make me feel officially fat? That might be it.

I ate pretty well this week. Several salads, low carb meals at home, and last night I made a pork tenderloin for Valentine's dinner. That doesn't mean I celebrated Valentine's day. In fact, there was no celebration going on in my household, except by my dogs celebrating the meal I cooked by trying to get their chops on it. This week should include lots of gym time too. I hope to get to the point where I just go to the gym every day. That's what I need in order to reach my goal.

Week 6
Weight: 247.2
Pounds lost: 4.8
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 97.2

Monday, February 9, 2009

Return of the Living Dead

Finally I feel normal. It took more than a few days to get over the bug. The downfall when I am sick, aside from actually being sick, is that in the recovery, only a few things sound appetizing. So I ate what I wanted in order to feel better in the recovery, and I gained about 2 pounds doing it. So I'm back up a bit. I do have more time over the next 2 weeks to work out, which should hopefully help.

My mom is coming out to visit at the end of February. The bad news about that is we spend a lot of time eating out. Hopefully, I can make some healthy choices while she is here. And if they can't be healthy, the least I can do is have smaller portions. Although I guess I should be doing that regardless.

I worked out on Saturday, and after my workout (which I can still feel in my legs) I spent some quality time in the locker room. It's been cold and rainy going on 2 weeks now, so I took a nice dip in the hot tub. It got really nice and warm in there, and eventually I got out and laid on a lounge chair. Before I knew what happened, I had fallen asleep. When I woke up, not that much time had passed, but it was enough time that the gym was almost closed, and I still had to shower. I ended up having to dry my hair across from this Kim Kardashian wannabe (why anyone would wanna be her is beyond my comprehension). Next time I need to make sure I only fall asleep on a massage table.

Week 5
Weight: 252
Pounds gained: 2.4
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 102

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What it means...

Ok, so in reference to my last blog, what it means is that I am about to get violently sick.

I did not go to work today, nor did I get any sleep as my stomach kept churning. I did not go to my volunteering committment after work, which I had to find someone to cover for me, and now I have to cover for them tomorrow night instead of going to the gym, which, let's be honest, might not have worked out anyway. It's been a full 24 hours, and while I feel better, I am not completely well. There are still gurgles within. There are still painfully gut-wrentching cramps that make me writhe around until they subside. I think that must be what labor feels like. I feel loopy, probably from the lack of sleep and dehydration.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Umm... What the hell did I eat?

Ok, so I stand corrected. THIS may be the most disgusting blog I've posted.

I'm not gonna lie. I ate a lot yesterday. Too much. Waaay overindulged. And today I'm paying for it. There's been a few rumbles in the ol' belly.... to which I have been dutifully been taking the necessary precautions. Bathroom key at work is in hand at all times.

But what does it mean when everything comes out a certain color, and you know up and down that you haven't eaten anything that color in at least 2 days?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday

Oh boy, today is an eater's holiday. It's superbowl Sunday. The last few days I have been consciously monitoring my eating, and last night I went to work on my homework at a friend's house. Well it turned out to be one big homework party and our hostess made pasta and homemade meatballs with gorgonzola cheese. I was so afraid of what that would do to my weigh-in today, especially knowing that being Superbowl Sunday, I was already planning to eat and spend the rest of the week burning off the damage.

But it looks like my monitoring efforts helped a little. My loss this week is not huge, but it's still a loss and that's fine by me! And I'm finding that there's so much I want to write about. Do you know what kind of a circus show is at my gym? Let me start by saying that it's a very posh gym, and that my boss at work paid for our membership so that we can network the company to the ritzy gym members while we are there. So kudos to my boss. Now, this gym has everything. Towel service, built in combination locks in the lockers, women's only steam room and sauna, and all the shower and bath amenities. Plus all the cardio equipment has built in TVs so I would actually work out a full hour just to finish what I'm watching. It's especially great during football season.

So, the other day I'm at the gym. Now, there's this one woman that I see all the time. She's at least in her 60s, and it's clear she has a body image problem. She is smaller than Mary-Kate Olsen. You can see every bone protruding out of her body. It's frightening when you consider how long she's had this problem. I mean, if she developed this in her teens , she's been dealing with it for at least 50 years. It's really sad to see. But more recently, I've discovered this other woman..... she's probably in her 50s at best. And she wears the thong leotard with the blush pink stockings. Her ass cheeks are just hanging out shamelessly. It's like no one told her that the Jane Fonda workout video was 20 years ago. And the fact that the stockings are blush colored, well they might as well not even be on. I know that women in LA flaunt their wears, but seriously, 50 year old ass? On parade for all to see? WTF? I'm beginning to see that in addition to exercise, the gym can be a great source of entertainment. I can't wait to see what this week introduces me to, as I have to go at least 4 times to burn off all the carb loaded, calorie loaded snacks consumed today. I bought a football helmet cake for the Pittsburg Steelers today, and they won the Superbowl! Woo hoo!

Week 4
Weight: 249.6
Pounds lost: 0.6
Size: 18-20
Goal: 150
Pounds to lose: 99.6